So I choose Out of Hours….

Ok so after taking my Tramadol, I gave in and rang My GP surgery (obviously closed) to go through to the Out of Hours Service. Rang out at 19:07 – hung up at 19:09.

Got through their questions quickly and I am now awaiting a callback from the Doctor, (which is usually a nurse from South West of England) or so my iPhone tells me.

Now for the wait – and to see if this Tramadol kicks in. (And stays down!)

I had stopped taking it (sensibly) however when the GP gave me more he said one at a time not two as previously told, up to four times daily. ONLY WITH MODERATE/SEVERE PAIN.

It is a controlled drug I guess. Let’s see if it helps….

More to follow πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ˜·πŸ’©

UPDATE 19:35

My phone rang half the first ring and hung up , no further calls but left a voicemail asking to call back – CAN’T CALLBACK NUMBER NOT IN SERVICE so have to go back to GP out of hours to tell them I missed a call. Call handler is letting them know and also requesting if phone diverts again to try straight away.

Damn phone!! So now awaiting another callback (They only try three times!)

UPDATE 19:50

Typical stupid phone didn’t even ring that time just pinged through saying I have a voicemail.

Had to ring back again, giving up and telling them to call landline.

Apparently won’t be long. House phone is on my lap ready!!

Day 41 – Sick of being sick

After a long 41 days, Out of Hours visits, GP visits, nurse visits and calls to NHS Direct I am still in pain.


GP now saying Chronic Appendicitis, but my two blood tests done a week and two weeks before don’t show WBC elevation and I am not actively vomiting so they don’t suggest Hospital!! Really!!!!

I am in pain and fed up and my pain today is at a high but yet rang GP too late for an appointment so now I have to debate whether to go to the Out of Hours again – about 20 miles away (not allowed at the hospital 10 miles away as a different boundary)

Do I put up with worsening pain all night in the hope the GP will see me tomorrow? Or drive yet again to the Out of Hours Service?


To be continued….

Stacie-Mai xx

6 weeks of health

There’s me sat at work on a call and along comes some chest pain…. Gave it a few minutes and it was still there, end of shift got home and it went overnight.

Next shift I just didn’t feel right, barely got out of bed that morning and I went home after an hour at work. It was a Saturday,  so got in touch with the Out of hours service, and obviously went to see them.

DIAGNOSIS : Possible kidney infection, and infection within the chest as I had a cough and phlegm production.

The following week involved 3 further visits to Out of Hours. By this point my pain was under the ribs on my right hand side towards the belly button. Doctors telling me: my urinary system is fine, no infection , probably my ovaries (just because I have PCOS) but pain wise they can give me Codeine, even though they had been told I cannot have codeine, so here is some Tramadol, and the third visit to be told it is the muscle running from my ribs to hip is probably the cause of the pain. Follow up with GP ( The reason I revisited Out of Hours is because the GP on these three days had no appointments unless it was an ‘Emergency’. 

GP follow Up

Pain is well and truly in Abdomen. Nausea is horrid and my body is either sleeping or curling up :(. 

Safe to say I am fed up πŸ˜‚

And after waiting for my appointment in the Doctors for over 1 HOUR!! With a young girl running around coughing I then was stuck in bed for 3 days on Tramadol in agony with what I can describe as the flu!!


To be Continued….

Stacie-Mai xx

I’m Back!!

I realise I have been missing in action for about 8 months.

I also realised I may not have many followers but I have a few important followers and writing a blog was an aim I want to keep! It also keep me sane πŸ˜›


I have gone through my old posts and updated them with my name : I was remaining anonymous, however I realise that I must be true to myself and allow others to read the blog of a real person, not a false name!

So this is me πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

My name is Stacie-Mai πŸ˜€

Although I do currently have BLUE HAIR !!

In the past 8 months (or so) a lot has changed:

🏠 We have moved house

πŸ₯πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ“žπŸš‘  I have a new job

πŸ’‹πŸ’„ I run my own business (be prepared for the post regarding this)

πŸ“ I have another blog – About my business

βš– Finances have improved greatly
As always my weight has been an issue, up and down, but my best achievement has to be the 50 INCHES from all over my body I have lost. I feel that an achievement in itself!!
Stacie-Mai xx