6 weeks of health

There’s me sat at work on a call and along comes some chest pain…. Gave it a few minutes and it was still there, end of shift got home and it went overnight.

Next shift I just didn’t feel right, barely got out of bed that morning and I went home after an hour at work. It was a Saturday,  so got in touch with the Out of hours service, and obviously went to see them.

DIAGNOSIS : Possible kidney infection, and infection within the chest as I had a cough and phlegm production.

The following week involved 3 further visits to Out of Hours. By this point my pain was under the ribs on my right hand side towards the belly button. Doctors telling me: my urinary system is fine, no infection , probably my ovaries (just because I have PCOS) but pain wise they can give me Codeine, even though they had been told I cannot have codeine, so here is some Tramadol, and the third visit to be told it is the muscle running from my ribs to hip is probably the cause of the pain. Follow up with GP ( The reason I revisited Out of Hours is because the GP on these three days had no appointments unless it was an ‘Emergency’. 

GP follow Up

Pain is well and truly in Abdomen. Nausea is horrid and my body is either sleeping or curling up :(. 

Safe to say I am fed up 😂

And after waiting for my appointment in the Doctors for over 1 HOUR!! With a young girl running around coughing I then was stuck in bed for 3 days on Tramadol in agony with what I can describe as the flu!!


To be Continued….

Stacie-Mai xx

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