Welcome to my body infection….s!!

Well I knew to trust my gut:

Monday : Results in but not reviewed.

Tuesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Wednesday: Still Not Reviewed.

Thursday: Not done yet, fed up and told them I feel terrible so told to ring at 17:00 after they requested nurse to look at them.

17:00 – On hold for about 10 minutes and nurse leaving in 5 minutes but they said they can get someone to review the results.

Doctor Rings me after 18:00 asking how I am and saying I need antibiotics, so after telling them I can’t get there then basically being told I have to, managed to get a lift and got there at about 7pm.

Even after the receptionist ringing me asking where I am and basically telling me I have kept them late and they aren’t happy ( I’ll remember that when they need me at work but I’m due to go home!!)

I tried ringing them to tell them I was going to be longer than they thought but they had diverted their phones through to Out of Hours – Because their phone would keep ringing otherwise!

When I was a medical receptionist if staff were there the phones were on, we weren’t scared of staying on for a bit!!

So turns out I not only have one infection,


But my BP is fine and temperature down to 36.7 (ish) so I’m not to worry unless my temp goes up ⬆️ or I start vomiting 😷. Heart rate well up in the 100’s which is high for me!!

So now on one lot of antibiotics , two were recommended but I cannot take Metronidazole as it makes me ill so only on Flucloxacillin and see how these go.

I’m sure this story will Continue!!

In the meantime, my contour kit has been shipped!! I’m really excited about this new product!! Plus I get the brush free with it this month!!

PCOS Diet Battle

So as always my weight has been up and down, so I decided to do a detox week.

Meals included (not in order)

Homemade Kebab with Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries
Watermelon and Yoghurt
Homemade Cottage Pie with Peas
Chicken Pizza (No Bread) With Sweet Potato Fries and Scrambled Egg with some Cheese
Beef with Rice Noodles and Carrot

After this week (we were naughty and had two takeaways, smaller than usual portions!)

This week resulted in a LOSS OF 2.5KG!!

I am so happy with this but cannot gain anything now, I need to get to 94kg by my hospital  appointment in July (letter just came through) for project baby!!

After this week I joined Slimming World and I am getting use to their system and trialing some food this week before starting gradually week by week to incorporate SW completely into my life!!

Plus I found a voucher for £35 off!!

I’m also starting to get my courage up enough to brave Youtube again, so keep an eye out for me!!

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