Stress Control Course 😱😱

So this was suggested to me a while ago, I know people that have gone on this 4-6 week (once a week) course. Luckily the NHS provide this for free.

I have always dealt with a lot of ‘stress’ in life but never thought I was a stressed person, or someone who was really affected by stress.

I managed to pluck up the courage and walk in, luckily others walked in before me so I just followed. And found a seat towards the back , after the first break I did move my chair over a bit to rest on a table, made me feel more comfortable. 

But overall the first session was useful. We were sent home with a workbook (not compulsory to complete) and a relaxation CD in this first session. Not sure what next weeks session will bring but I think it will benefit me by continuing to attend. I also think it could be useful for me to help others.

3am….we have got to stop meeting this way

So 2 weeks in to my new meds and my sleep is all over the place again.

Although shift work doesn’t really allow me to get into a good sleep pattern.

Sat here rewatching Greys Anatomy from the start again (thanks Sky Box Sets!) just thinking, thinking about pain, myself, things to come and things that have happened.Trying not to dwell on the past – but that’s proven more difficult than planned.

I need tips!! Sleep tips!! Hopefully soon my routine will get better but in he meantime I need to prepare myself! Bath products I can try? Although I do have a lot here to try and test.

What do you all do to help you get relaxed and sleepy?