Accusations As a lot of us do, I head over to Google in order to check that my understanding of the word 'accusations' is correct. It is defined by a quick search as - what I thought it was. Which is; I am not one to openly throw around accusations, there is one thing I… Continue reading Accusations


“Right from the start you were a thief, you stole my heart”

TRIGGER WARNING - Please take care, some of this content may cause upset and distress. Reach out for support if needed. 💜 “And I your willing victim” Sound familiar? Yes that is a P!nk song I had heard of people relating this song, ‘Just give me a reason‘ to a (damaging) relationship. However, I had… Continue reading “Right from the start you were a thief, you stole my heart”


One step closer to finding me again.

Please note that any advice I give and explaining of processes may differ for you. I am not a legal professional and this advice relates to my situation. Please get legal advice if you need further support. February 12th, 2021. Having been made aware that the acknowledgement of the Divorce petition had finally been sent… Continue reading One step closer to finding me again.

Divorce · Mental Health

How so much can change in a year!!

Do you remember what you were doing one year ago? I was sat in my home, practising my Safe Medicate (Maths for my Nursing Degree), unaware that the year ahead was about to change so much - and not just because of the Coronavirus!! Other than the issues that came along with the Coronavirus, the… Continue reading How so much can change in a year!!

PCOS and Fertility

September is PCOS Awareness Month!!

© https://www.verity-pcos.org.uk/ PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is something that cannot be cured, despite some claims, although symptoms can be improved and managed (for some) with medication, exercise and other lifestyle changes. It is a hormonal condition that manifests itself differently in each person. PCOS is very common and impacts how ovaries function. Symptoms of PCOS… Continue reading September is PCOS Awareness Month!!