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Topcashback Review (plus COMPETITION details)

Have you heard of Topcashback? It is a cashback site, basically, you need car insurance (or takeaway or shopping....etc) so you go to your TopCashBack site and make sure you are logged in, find the shop you want and click on the link via the site and as long as you meet the rules you… Continue reading Topcashback Review (plus COMPETITION details)

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been quiet the past few days-I have reverted back to my very much hated nocturnal state. But I am back!!   Firstly I would like to thank 'Babbling Mummy' for nominating me for The Versatile Bloggers Award!! For those of you that do not know about the award; you get nominated by other bloggers for… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

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Aril 26th, 2018 – Daily Prompt=Cur….

I definitely had to google what this word meant. Cur = Apparently it means a 'mongrel' or 'mixed breed dog' but can also refer to an unfriendly dog. I love dogs. Some of them do scare me a bit and they can do bad things, but so can humans. I always remember being around dogs, growing… Continue reading Aril 26th, 2018 – Daily Prompt=Cur….

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We have been bestowed with a prince!!

Today flags are flying to celebrate a new prince. Congratulations to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William; The Duke of Cambridge - And of course to Prince George and Princess Charlotte!! It is also exciting that Princess Charlotte, whose position in line to the throne will not change with the birth of her little brother;… Continue reading We have been bestowed with a prince!!

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Casualty – Crying over Glen

Series 32 : Episode 30 - If you have not seen this episode then click back now: SPOILER ALERT (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!) Just when you think that Robyn will have a happy ending.... BOOM!! The plot thickens. What got to me in this episode was the circumstances surrounding how Glen passed away, it reminded me of losing… Continue reading Casualty – Crying over Glen