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Mental Health Assessment Day

August 23rd 2021 = Primary Mental Health Assessment Day. The dreaded and long awaited (not really, I only waited a few weeks) telephone call with my Local Primary Mental Health Team. It actually went well. It was not my first time having an assessment, but I must say, I did prefer this telephone method, as… Continue reading Mental Health Assessment Day

Divorce · Mental Health

“I never said that!!” – What is Gaslighting?

Have you ever heard? "I never said that""You're imagining things""I didn't do that""You are being paranoid""I always make an effort, you just never bother" "You're imagining things""I was just joking""You twist things""That never happened""You need help" Sounding familiar? Gaslighting is a term that seems to appear quite often now, compared to 5 years ago. It… Continue reading “I never said that!!” – What is Gaslighting?


“Right from the start you were a thief, you stole my heart”

TRIGGER WARNING - Please take care, some of this content may cause upset and distress. Reach out for support if needed. 💜 “And I your willing victim” Sound familiar? Yes that is a P!nk song I had heard of people relating this song, ‘Just give me a reason‘ to a (damaging) relationship. However, I had… Continue reading “Right from the start you were a thief, you stole my heart”